My story on the 1976's Grunwick strike, mainly South Asian women, at a photo-processing laboratory in North West London led by Jayaben Desai, which drew 20,000 supporters to the picket line. Grunwick saw immigrants became part of Britain's working class and labour movement for the first time and it was also a landmark in people coming together and standing up for immigrants in a racist, xenophobic era. 

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THE ECONOMIST: Raising A Glass to Britain's Indian Pubs

I wrote about the phenomenon of Indian pubs, or Desi pubs, in the West Midlands. Many of these pubs barred Indians and people of colour in the 1960s and there's something very lovely about how these pubs are now Indian-owned and beacons of multiculturalism and symbolise a proud British-Indian identity. They are also breathing new life into a moribund pub industry.

Thanks to Creative Black Country for organising the Desi Pubs exhibition that enabled me to write about this. 

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BBC Radio 4: Crisis In The Curry Kitchen

Hugely proud to say I made my Radio 4 debut on July 1st 2015, with a 30minute documentary about how Britain's £3.6billion curry industry is in crisis because visa immigration rules have caused a chronic lack of chefs. The government has set up 'curry colleges' (yes, really) to make the short fall and thus far they have been a disaster. Hardeep Singh Kohli investigates 

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VICE: Big Oil Needs to Stay Out of Britain's Cultural Institutions

Is oil sponsorship heading the same way as tobacco sponsorship?

Over the last couple of years, I've been following activists campaigning to remove oil sponsorship of Britain's arts - specifically BP's sponsorship of Tate Britain, British Museum, Royal Opera House and the National Portrait Gallery.


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