HERE: Items that give a sense of 'home'

For Shelter's magazine HERE that goes out to its supporters and donors, I went to Sheffield to talk Shelter clients about items, objects that give people who are in vulnerable housing situations, and moving around lots, a sense of home. 

I spoke to three people including a young mum who keeps her grand dad's ashes with her wherever she goes and how on the anniversary of his death, her five year old child said, 'I can smell grandpa'. 

Doing this story really made me question and think about our relationship with stuff and how it becomes important - because we upload or attach memories, feelings and emotions to it. And also importantly our relationship with the things we fill our homes with and whether we actually need any of it. 

This is Ed's story - Ed is a natural born storyteller and I could have spent all day listening to him recounting various adventures and mishaps.