HERE - Camping Out

pic credit:  Jim Hindle

pic credit: Jim Hindle



Housing charity Shelter's bi-annual publication Here, is produced by Smoke Creatives and edited by the estimable Emma Warren and I have to say it's the most exciting publication I've worked on in a very long time.

Loosely it reports, explores, and meditates, on ideas of home and housing in 21st century Britain and has featured Louis Theroux, Alain De Botton, Jeremy Deller, Lauren Laverne, alongside, for example, beautiful portrait photography of people who work for Shelter.

For Winter 2014 issue I interviewed three people who gave up the comfort of home to protest for what they believed in:

* Sarah Hipperstone (now 86) who joined the anti-nuclear Greenham Common Peace Camp in 1986 and left 17 years later.

* Jim Hindle who joined the anti-road building Newbury bypass protest in the mid-1990s and lived in a twigloo (see pic above).

* Sam Blacksmith who is currently living in Grow Heathrow an eco-friendly, self-sustaining community making a stand against the expansion of Heathrow.

Talking to people making such incredible sacrifices was inspirational to say the least and each of their stories is deeply moving.

You can get a copy or two from Smoke Creatives, otherwise do a good deed and donate to Shelter and you'll get this lovely read twice a year.