BBC Radio 4: Crisis In The Curry Kitchen

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Observer review:

I can imagine Bunk Bed existing without a licence fee, as a series of podcasts, but what of the one-off documentary? Last week, with Crisis in the Curry Kitchen, Hardeep Singh Kohli presented a lovely example about a genuine problem: the UK is running out of qualified chefs to work at curry houses, because the government, in its mad anti-immigration panic, has made it near impossible for any chefs from India, Pakistan and Bangladesh to qualify for a visa. There are specialist academic and apprentice institutions – curry colleges – but it’s proving difficult to get people to sign up. Everything’s changing, folks: get used to it

Radio Times review:

Although the British palate has become more attuned to curry than fish and chips, we could be witnessing the beginning of the end for the high street Indian restaurant. Proprietors can’t afford to bring skilled chefs from the Indian subcontinent and the UK’s curry colleges, introduced in 2011, are not attracting enough lecturers or students. 

Presenter Hardeep Singh Kohli foresees a time in the not too distant future when only a handful of haute cuisine curry houses will survive. He seems resigned to this example of “Darwinian economics”. But is this what our nation of curry lovers really wants? It’s a programme that will leave you asking the rhetorical question, “Who knew?”

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Finally, last but not least a piece for Metro that I penned about the issue: