Photography:  Tkb Visuals

Photography: Tkb Visuals

Hi and welcome to my website. 

I'm Rahul Verma, a writer, editor and editorial whizz with 19 years’ experience in journalism - 15 years as freelance. 

I'm coming to the end of a stint as Editor of a fortnightly email newsletter and bi-annual 60 page magazine for leading development charity, VSO, and I'm on the hunt for opportunities. (Please email me if you would like to explore working together.) 

Consequently, I thought it makes sense to outline key areas of interest and experience:

Editing - proven track record as Editor, most recently for Kin, a fortnightly email newsletter and 60-page magazine for VSO. I thorougly enjoyed the role’s global perspective and challenges of sensitively storygathering on the ground in Ghana, Uganda, Kenya, Bangladesh, Nepal, Burma and Pakistan, in languages including Twi, Acholi, Swahili, Bangla (Bengali), Nepali, Burmese and Urdu. 

Overall, I have more than a decade's experience as an editor, including three years as Arts Editor for Metro newspaper, and six years as Managing Editor of a youth magazine and website, so I'm accomplished in print (newspapers, magazines) and digital (websites, email newsletter). 

Reporting - Prior to the Kin Editor position, I contributed regularly to The Economist, BBC Culture and The Guardian, and over the years have accrued scores bylines in  The Independent, Mixmag, Vice, Rolling Stone (India) and Metro. 

Stories that reflect my passion for grassroots stories, under-represented voices and diasporas include, Remembering the Strikers in Saris (The Economist), Britain's Thriving Desi Pubs (The Economist), Portraits of British Muslim Men (The Economist), Crisis in the Curry Kitchen (BBC Radio 4), Britain's Cannabis Lobby (The Guardian) and Britain's Latin American Community want Ethnic Minority Status (The Guardian).

There are scores of examples on this website, so please have a nose.

I’m also building radio and podcast experience: I produced a BBC Radio 4 documentary about the crisis facing curry houses, and worked closely on producing a documentary on youth homelessness for BBC Radio 1. I produced numerous packages and podcasts at SOAS Radio where I was Speech Editor, while studying an MA in South Asian Area Studies.

Lastly, I have oodles of experience in co-creating magazines, 'zines and websites with young people (Live Magazine), as well as delivering journalism and blogging workshops (Live Magazine, Rich Mix, The Roundhouse) to young people.

Please drop me a line to explore working together - I'm open to listening, exploring and collaborating. 

thanks for reading