Photography:  Tkb Visuals

Photography: Tkb Visuals

Hi and welcome to my website. 

I'm Rahul Verma, a writer, editor and editorial whizz with 20 years experience spanning newspapers, magazines, ‘zines, websites, digital platforms, email newsletters, social media, radio, podcasts, social video… the lot!

I’ve freelanced for over 15 years and in that time have picked up a broad range of experience - variety is the spice of life as they say - which I’ll loosely cover here.

This website is a portfolio mostly of my writing and reporting. As you can see my reporting focuses on three areas:

Arts and culture (I’ve worked on arts desks of national newspapers, including Metro, The Independent and Guardian for 20 years) and have contributed to Metro’s weekly going out guide for more years than I can remember.

South Asia and its diasporas - I’m of Indian (Punjabi) heritage, speak Hindi and regularly write about British Asian life, the Desi diaspora, Indian politics and South Asian arts and culture. I’ve been visiting the motherland since the age of 2 and have been to India 15 plus times to see family, for work and to travel. I have an MA in South Asian Area Studies (2013) at SOAS with a focus on politics, culture and anthropology, and especially Hindu nationalism (neo liberal Hindu fascism), so I’m capable and confident on India (particularly Hindu nationalism and its roots and routes in the diaspora, so please commission me!).

Social Affairs - I’m passionate about grassroots stories, people who are generally marginalised and largely invisible in mainstream media, coming together to do stuff, whether that’s on dancefloors, protesting or standing up for their rights.

I’m also an experienced editor, which isn’t covered so well on this website. I have extensive editor experience across digital (websites, email newsletters) and print (newspapers, magazines). Previous editor roles include News & Social Media Editor of RightsInfo a dynamic digital platform and charity raising awareness of human rights; Editor, Kin, an editorial project comprising a fortnightly email newsletter and 56-page magazine for development charity VSO; Managing Editor, Live magazine a youth-media project and social enterprise; Arts Editor, Metro newspaper - this amounts to around ten years of editing experience.

I’m also building radio and podcast experience: I produced a BBC Radio 4 documentary about the crisis facing curry houses, and worked closely on producing a documentary on youth homelessness for BBC Radio 1. I produced numerous packages and podcasts at SOAS Radio.

Lastly, I have oodles of experience in co-creating magazines, 'zines and websites with young people (Live Magazine), as well as delivering journalism and blogging workshops (Live Magazine, Rich Mix, The Roundhouse) to young people.

I’m also involved in charity communications, currently I work part-time as Communications Manager at The Runnymede Trust the UK’s leading race equality think tank.

Please drop me a line to explore working together, or slide into my Twitter DMs.